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Business Law

Business Law in North Carolina

What is Business Law, and How Can an Attorney Help Your Business?

Business law, generally speaking, is the area of law addressing commerce or commercial-related issues. Businesses encounter many different types of issues, and thus business law encompasses a wide range of topics, as explained below. Business law always involves, at the initial stage, the formation of the...

Do North Carolina LLCs Need to Have a Written Operating Agreement?

Just as corporations have by-laws, most people assume that limited liability companies (LLCs) need to have an operating agreement. But under North Carolina law, do they? The North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act, G.S. § 57D, was rewritten a few years ago to modernize the laws...

FTC franchise rule

What is the FTC’s Franchise Rule and How Does It Affect Franchises?

The Franchise Rule is a rule issued by the Federal Trade Commission that is supposed to even the playing field between franchisors and franchisees. The Franchise Rule is supposed to protect franchisees from overreaching by unscrupulous franchisors. It does this by requiring franchisors to make various...

franchise and license north carolina

What is the Difference Between a Franchise and a License?

New business owners frequently use previously-established trademarks and business models because it provides a leg up in terms of market presence. Sometimes this may mean using a franchise, and other times it may mean licensing the relevant business product. So what is the difference between...