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Business Litigation

Business Law in North Carolina

What is Business Law, and How Can an Attorney Help Your Business?

Business law, generally speaking, is the area of law addressing commerce or commercial-related issues. Businesses encounter many different types of issues, and thus business law encompasses a wide range of topics, as explained below. Business law always involves, at the initial stage, the formation of the...

franchises in North Carolina

Does North Carolina Have Laws Regulating Franchises?

A franchise is when a franchisor sells the right to use its brand, systems, and business methods. The person who purchases the right to use the franchisor’s business model is called the franchisee. North Carolina has an abundance of franchises. Some of the most popular include...

litigate or arbitrate business law north carolina

Should Your Business Litigate or Arbitrate Disputes?

Businesses in intractable disputes often have to decide whether they want to file a litigate or arbitrate. There are pros and cons to either method of dispute-resolution, and the best option for your case probably depends on the specific facts of your case. Litigation has the...