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Business Success

Business Law in North Carolina

What is Business Law, and How Can an Attorney Help Your Business?

Business law, generally speaking, is the area of law addressing commerce or commercial-related issues. Businesses encounter many different types of issues, and thus business law encompasses a wide range of topics, as explained below. Business law always involves, at the initial stage, the formation of the...

Do North Carolina LLCs Need to Have a Written Operating Agreement?

Just as corporations have by-laws, most people assume that limited liability companies (LLCs) need to have an operating agreement. But under North Carolina law, do they? The North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act, G.S. § 57D, was rewritten a few years ago to modernize the laws...

Franchise Attorney North Carolina

Benefits of Hiring a Franchise Attorney in North Carolina

If you want to have your own business and starting from scratch seems intimidating, a franchise may be the right choice. Whether you are simply looking into franchise options, are ready to purchase a franchise, or have an existing franchise, having an experienced franchise attorney...

Business Law Charlotte NC

North Carolina Economy in Top Third of State Economies

North Carolina continues to be a great place to start a business. A new report says that North Carolina’s economy is in the top third of states, nationally. Looking at 27 key indicators of economic performance and strength, the study by WalletHub says that North Carolina...