Fairview Law is a Charlotte, North Carolina Business Law Firm and Consumer Financial Protection Advocate
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Charlotte, North Carolina Business Law Firm

Here for your business. Here for you.

Fairview Law is a Charlotte, North Carolina business law firm. We advocate for businesses, franchises and business owners’ personal legal needs. Utilizing our years of experience in helping small businesses and individuals, we bring key knowledge and skills to help your business thrive. Whether you are looking to start a small business or franchise or want to protect and grow your current business or franchise, our attorneys can help you at every stage.


We help businesses and franchises in the Charlotte, North Carolina area grow strong businesses. Attorney Josef Culik and his partner, Shawna Culik set out in 2008 to help consumers Champion Their Rights against impossible odds. Their firm, Culik Law in Boston, Massachusetts, started in 2008 and continues to fight for consumers and businesses. Expanding  their services to Charlotte, North Carolina, Fairview Law is focused on helping small to mid-size businesses in the Charlotte area to protect their business and address concerns they may face financially to protect their business and their own personal assets. We bring our experience of running successful businesses and years of advocating for businesses and their owners.

What You Can Expect From Us


We’re on your side and use the law to back you up. We strive to make a difference and bring value to your life or business. We approach every situation with care, empathy and thought to achieve the best possible result for you.


We practice responsive client care and fresh thinking which focuses on keeping our clients needs and goals at the forefront of everything we do. Understanding is essential, so we communicate clearly, timely, and often.


You’re our partner in this, and we value the trust you put in us. We encourage questions and make sure you’re in the loop on every aspect including communication, agreements, project progress, and pricing.

Associations We’re Proud Of