Debt Collection Lawsuits North Carolina Attorney: Fairview Law
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Debt Collection Lawsuits


Fairview Law is a Charlotte, North Carolina law firm. Our North Carolina attorneys will help you fight back if you are sued in debt collection lawsuits. We help businesses and business owners with debt collections lawsuits related to any number of issues, such as credit cards, medical bills, loans, or vendor accounts.


There are many defenses that can be raised if you are sued in a debt-collection lawsuit. These may include the statute of limitations, the collector’s “standing” to enforce the debt (that is, whether they actually own the account), or violations of consumer-protection laws like the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or North Carolina Debt Collection Practices Act.


The most important thing to do if you receive notice of a debt-collection lawsuit, called a summons and complaint, is contact an attorney. You have very little time to respond – usually, only about 30 days – or else the court can enter a judgment against you.


If you contact us, we can advise you on the best course of action, which usually is to file what is called an “answer” to the complaint. Sometimes, we may file a motion to dismiss the case, or a counterclaim, which is a lawsuit back against the debt collector, in the event you have claims for wrongdoing against them.


We recommend that you keep all collections letters, statements, or other correspondence, as these can contain vital information to help defend you against a debt-collection suit.


If you have received notice of a debt-collection lawsuit, contact Fairview Law to see if we can help you.